Athletic Guard – It is important to protect your teeth using a sports guard or athletic guard when playing contact sports such as lacrosse, rugby, hockey or football.

You can buy a mouth guard at your local sporting goods store but a custom designed sports guard is far more comfortable, non-chafing, less bulky and provides better cushioning which means the player is more inclined to wear the mouth guard as opposed to leaving it at home.

Night Guards – patients that grind their teeth or clench their jaw while sleeping should consider a night guard to protect their teeth from the unconscious wear and tear. As with athletic guards, a custom designed night guard is more comfortable than a store bought version, and more likely to be worn by the patient every night.

Other Situations Where A Night Guard Is Beneficial.

Patients with TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorders, may also benefit from wearing a night guard, which can relieve jaw and joint pain. And of course a night guard will protect expensive dental restoration work such as bridges, crowns and implants from the slow but steady damage caused by teeth grinding. Your teeth can last a lifetime with the proper care and attention. Dr. Waind is here to help you protect your teeth, your health and your cosmetic restoration investment.

Orthodontic patients can also be protected from shifting or drifting of the teeth by using mouth guards.