Losing a tooth isn’t an uncommon experience. In fact, by age 50, the average American has lost several teeth. Whether caused by periodontal disease, tooth decay, or physical injury, losing teeth has physiological and emotional consequences. Physically, chewing becomes difficult negatively impacting diet but often the most significant damage is to self-esteem, resulting in decreased social interaction.

If you have lost a tooth or wear dentures, you should consider a dental implant restoration, the best permanent solution available. Replacing your missing teeth or dentures with dental implants can restore looks, function and self-esteem.

Dr. Mark Waind has been restoring teeth with dental implants for well over 25 years. His experience includes replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth or all a patient’s teeth. The dental implant systems our office uses have customized individual components. The surgeons we work with in Downtown Seattle are some of the best around which ensures the best outcome for our patients. Give us a call today for a free implant consultation or 2nd opinion.

Dental Implant Facts:

  • Durable – A dental implant actually fuses to the bone over several months making implants the longest lasting tooth replacement option.
  • Long-Lasting – Patients that take care of their dental implants will have them for a lifetime.
  • Healthy Oral Solution – With dental Implants there is no need to reduce neighboring teeth.
  • Natural Looking – No one will notice a difference between your implants and your natural teeth.
  • Dental Implants – Improve appearance and restore self-esteem.


The Dental Implant Restoration Process:

  • A dental implant replaces the space of a missing tooth.
  • It takes 2-6 months for an implant to fuse to a patient’s bone acting as an anchor for the new artificial tooth.
  • Next, the doctor designs a new replacement tooth. When the implant has fused properly, the newly designed tooth is attached to the fused implant and the patient can chew and speak as normal.
  • To replace several teeth, a bridge supported by implants is used to replace the missing teeth.
  • To replace all a patient’s teeth with implants, several fixed and removable options are available for the restoration.

Straumann Pro Arch System, Fixed Replacement Of All Teeth With Just 4 Implants!

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