At the office of Dr. Mark Waind, DDS, we are pleased to offer a full complement of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry utilizing the most state-of-the art digital technology and procedures. We are committed to helping promote the health and appearance of your teeth – and do so in a friendly and comfortable environment beyond what you have come to expect from the typical Dental office.

Though not fully comprehensive, you can explore many of the services that we offer in the links below. Or, if you want to save time or don’t see a reference for what you are seeking, please give us a call.

Sound Dentistry in Seattle provides a full range of dental services. We are a one-stop dental office for patients with different concerns. We perform comprehensive oral exams to evaluate the health of your teeth, gums, jaw and your entire mouth. The ADA recommends a comprehensive exam for all new patients. This exam may include…periodontal screening, bite analysis, tooth evaluation, oral cancer screening, xrays, esthetic analysis, and TMJ exam.

If a closer examination of your teeth is required, we will take Digital X-rays. If you’re worried about radiation exposure, relax. X-rays used today are much safer when compared to X-rays used 20-30 years ago.

We are also pleased to feature the CariVu technology. This device is a new approach to identifying cavities and cracks that utilizes transillumination to confirm the presence of lesions and cracks. This unique cavity detector allows the clinician to see through the tooth exposing its structure and that of any carious lesions with very high accuracy. Even better, it allows us to share these images with our patients so they better understand their diagnosis. For those patients who prefer to not have X-rays taken, CariVu is an alternative diagnostic method with which they can be comfortable.

If our dental hygienist finds cavities during your periodic oral exam, we may recommend dental fillings to prevent further tooth decay.

Dr. Waind also offers composite bonding to help change the shape and color of your teeth. Composite Bonding is an excellent alternative to veneers as it can whiten, straighten, correct and remove gaps in the teeth while still preserving most of the healthy tooth structure. Those who would like to improve the appearance of their teeth or replace missing teeth can opt to have crowns and bridges to restore their smile and prevent further damage. Or, call us to learn more about the broad range of teeth-straightening issues Invisalign® works to correct through personalized treatment plans using custom aligners to achieve a perfect smile.

Patients who have lost one or more teeth now have several options for restoration. Our clinic offers partial dentures for patients with a few missing teeth, or full dentures for patients requiring an entire arch of replacement teeth. Patients requiring a more permanent solution can opt for dental implants.

Our office also offers mouth guards to protect teeth from injury when playing contact sports like football or rugby. Or you may need a night guard if you grind your teeth while sleeping.

One of our most popular dental services is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a quick cosmetic procedure for dramatically improving your smile and overall appearance. We offer at-home whitening (gradual and cost-effective) and Zoom! Teeth Whitening for fast results. Zoom! Teeth Whitening can make your teeth 8 shades lighter in just 45 minutes.

We are a preferred provider for most major insurers and accept nearly all insurance plans. Be prepared that you may have to pay a co-pay at the time of your office visit, subject and determined by your specific plan, and that you may be responsible for any remaining portion of your bill that your insurance does not pay.