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The Wand Painless Anesthesia

The Wand! Painless Local Anesthesia

The Wand® Computer Controlled Anesthesia System can make your dentist’s office a pain-free zone.

Finally dental injections can be painless, as thousands of dentists now use the Wand to deliver anesthesia without pain. It’s so gentle it’s even ideal for use on children.

Dental anesthesia comes into the computer age
The syringe has been used since the 19th Century. But for dentists who use the 21st century Wand®, a computer uses pressure force feedback to help guide the instrument painlessly to the exact spot where you need anesthesia. And it works to deaden more quickly than with a syringe so that you will spend less waiting time in the chair. For some uses, in fact, it works almost instantly.

The right amount in the right place
When anesthesia is delivered too quickly it can pool up in your gums, causing discomfort both during the procedure and even after the anesthesia has worn off. The Wand solves that by delivering the right amount at the optimal rate.